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Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are becoming more and more popular in the UK, particularly as a solution for large entrance gates, and are often fully automated.

Generally speaking, a sliding gate installation would consist of a single, rather than double gate, which is then mounted on wheels and a track system to give it mobility. In terms of automation, the user would control the gate via a remote control or control panel as well as through an intercom system with usually a single control for opening and shutting the gate.

Sliding doors can be more expensive than other types of gates and automated gate solutions, but the benefits can be significant in many circumstances. They have also proved very popular for access control solutions for commercial premises for example.

Finding and fitting a garden gate

Of all the gate installations that exist, one of the most popular is fitting a garden gate. They can look very stylish, and also help restrict access for animals and small children too. 

It’s good to choose a style and colour which matches any existing fencing or garden furniture, and try to always choose a quality gate if you can afford it – they last much longer and are far more durable.

When it comes to fitting it, you’ll need to ensure that the gate posts are sturdy, and placed into ground that is sufficiently stable. Try to use post which have holes and fittings that have already been drilled and fitted, as this will make this installation much simpler and less liable to go wrong.